about us and FAQ’s

As parents of three school age children, and having multiple nieces and nephews, we have hosted and attended more kid parties than we would like to admit. After these events we always think to ourselves: that was fun, but it was the same entertainment as always.

For a few years we looked for someplace new and exciting, but it never came. Tired of waiting, we took action and are now proud to launch The Blast Zone!

We pride ourselves on being a video free zone, no arcade, no tickets for prizes, just entertainment that will keep the kids active, enjoying themselves and interacting with each other. New and exciting has arrived!

The Blast Zone is a family-friendly play and party center that provides a safe, clean, and fun environment for your children. We are committed to our mission of offering a healthy and happy place with unique activities that offer something entertaining for everyone. Come Have a Blast, and experience an explosion of fun!


1. What security measures do you provide for our children?

Children are only allowed to leave the premises with the adult that they came in with. If you are a member of a birthday party or event, you will get a numbered wristband to identify you. At the Blast Zone, we take security seriously. We have also placed security cameras throughout the premises as an additional precaution.

2. Am I required to sign a waver for my child to play at the Blast Zone?

YES. Wavers have become an industry standard for children’s play facilities. All of our activities are safe when abiding by our rules, but there is inherent risk in playing at the Blast Zone, just like anywhere else. All children and party guests must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian to play at the Blast Zone.

3. What are the appropriate ages at the blast zone?

Facility is primarily designed for children ranging from 3 to 12 years old.

4. What about balloons and goodie bags?

You are welcome to purchase Blast Zone balloons and goodie bags for your guests.

5. Can we bring our own cake?

You are welcome to bring your own cake, candles and your cake knife.  Candles are also available for sale. For children’s safety we ask that you do not bring lighters or matches, we will provide them.

6. What measures do you take to keep the Blast Zone clean for everyone?

At the Blast Zone, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a fun yet sanitary and safe environment. Therefore, we have Purell ®hand sanitizers located at several locations throughout the facility, including the main entrance and in each party room. Furthermore, we employ a cleaning service to thoroughly disinfect and ensure that we maintain our facility as germ free as possible.

7. How can I receive coupons and special offers?

Sign up for our mailing list here to receive our coupons and other special offers. Additionally, send a text to 36000 with code B175.

Party Questions

1. I will not be driving my child to his or her friend’s birthday party. How do I make sure that he/she will still be able to participate in the fun?

The parent or guardian dropping off for a birthday party must sign the waiver before the child is allowed into the Blast Zone

2. Can I bring food or drink to my child’s party?

No outside food or drink is allowed at the Blast Zone, with the exception of birthday cake.  You may also bring in a fruit or veggie platter.

3. Can I bring my own goodie bags and balloons?

Yes! For your convenience, you can also purchase our Blast Zone goodie bags and balloons. Just let us know how many of each you need!

4. Can I bring a cake and candles to my child’s birthday party?

Yes you may!  Beyond that, we take care of everything. Please do not bring lighters, matches, or cake knives. In the event that you forget candles, they will be available for purchase.

5. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my party?

If you need to cancel your birthday party reservation, your $100 deposit will NOT be refunded. If it is within 30 days of the party date, and you need to make a change, your $100 deposit can be applied to a future party date, however it will not be refundable for cancellations.

6. Are family members included in the guest count of the party?

Adults and the birthday child are the only guests that are free of charge. If your guest count exceeds the amount stated in your specific party package, there is an additional charge per kid.